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What Attracts Men – Dating Advice

Many women make bad decisions when it comes to dating and want to know what attracts men. Some women push men away because of sending bad vibes. Men tend to think differently from women and it is important to understand the male psyche to get the attention of the opposite sex.

what attracts men – appearance

Men are definitely turned off by women who appear desperate or try to smother them. They want to be in control and enjoy the thrill of the chase. A woman who chooses to chase a guy is taking the challenge out of the relationship. It is important to be low key and to not come on real strong. You want to keep him guessing and on the edge of his seat. What attracts men is leaving him wanting more after each date and conversation.

what attracts men – composure

Ladies have to remember to maintain their composure. They can make the mistake of acting way to interested in the beginning of the relationship. If you are constantly calling the guy or coming by his house, then he will wonder what is wrong and why are you so desperate. Mystery is what men find attractive. Women can take out the mystery by dress too revealing.

what attracts men

It is not a good idea to wear the cleavage out and a short mini skirt on the first date. This type of clothing is how to attract boys. If you are looking to settle down, then you want to attract a man. Females can also make the mistake of talking too much the entire night. Being a good listener and asking your date questions is how to impress a guy. It is also important to have good conversation.

Gabbing about useless topics is not what attracts men. The guy wants to get to know his date and to see where the relationship is heading. Another mistake women can make is appearing to be available all the time. You want to make him wonder about what you are doing and where you are.

It is important to know the basics when dating because what attracts men is allowing them to be in control. A guy wants to be in control of the relationship and know how to impress a woman. It is also essential that women know their worth and to find a guy that is worth their attention. A woman wants to demand respect because that is what attracts men.

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